How to Maintain the Shine

Over time, most brass, copper and silver metal products will slowly tarnish. This means that they will deepen and darken in colour, and will not look like the shiny piece that you originally purchased. 

Even though all State of A pieces are protected with a thin layer of microcrystalline wax, this will not last forever. Eventually the metal may be exposed to the elements due to regular wear, and that will result in some colour shift. This is perfectly normal and ok, and you can make it shine again with a little effort! 

Along with certain cleaners that you can use to remove the tarnish, it can help if you store your jewelry in a zip lock baggie.

  • Hot Water First, wash off the brass jewelry in hot water with a mild soap to see how much dirt will come off easily. If it doesn't seem to make a difference, don't worry: it's time to try either a commercial brass cleaner or a natural alternative.
  • Brass Cleaners At the store, you should be able to find a cleaner that is made especially for cleaning brass.
  • Clean Naturally Things you probably have around the house can aid in cleaning your brass jewelry. One possibility is to scrub the jewelry with some ketchup on a toothbrush. Another idea is to make a solution of lemon juice, water and salt that you can soak your jewelry in for several minutes, rinsing afterward. Or, try Worcestershire sauce, toothpaste or vinegar to get the brass looking nice. The acids in some of these natural cleaners allow them to beautifully clean your jewelry, but be careful: as with the brass cleaners, these natural cleaners may not be safe to use on gemstones.
  •  State of A Brass Cleanser 


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